My World Above the Sky

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If I climbed a giant beanstalk, where might it take me?

Above the tallest cloud and past the farthest sea?

Would the grass be pink dappled with singing flowers,

trees with blue leaves swaying taller than towers?

How about a river that bubbled with a soft rush of waves,

splashing on diamond rocks, disappearing into emerald caves?

What if the sky in this place, instead of hues of blue,

was a glowing canvas of pink with an orange glaze, too?

And when my tummy growled hungry, all I’d have to do

is touch my right temple and brew up a stew.

If it’s giant sweet corn that rather tickled my fancy,

or a slice of watermelon so tall that I can’t see,

past the very tippy top nor around either side,

a nice nibbled tunnel chewed down to the hide

would fill up my tummy so…

that off to sleep on a me-sized feather is where I’ll want to go.

While the flowers hum lullabies and the wind blows me to rocking,

I’ll rest my tired feet from all the climbing and walking.

But what would I dream of that could possibly be more grand,

than my world above the sky in my very own dream land?