Thars’ a Reason fer a Coughin’

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When a virus comes a poppin’ up and maybe a little phlegm,

my lungs starts tinglin’, twitchin’ and itchin’, and sing this little gem:

Oh boy. It’s a comin’. Cough, cough, cough. Somethin’s up in me chest today, and just won’t ease off.

Even Daddy, he’s real strong, lets out a hack. Thar’s a reason fer a coughin’, I say, even fer dads, so stand back!

Keep a safe distance, and cough into your arm, keep those germs covered, but don’t you be alarmed.

We’ll defeat those meddlesome germs, you and dad, and me, with just a few precautions, we’ll be as healthy as can be.

“Thar’s a reason fer a coughin’, I say, and maybe for a bit, my life won’t be so normal, but fightin’ those pesky critters, I just won’t quit.

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