Incredible Insect Competition

The day arrived! The Incredible Insect Competition. Insects from every direction were flying, buzzing, marching, clicking, jumping and crawling into town.

“I hope we win the Fanciest Formation prize,” insisted the Dragonfly Dancers.

“How about Longest Leap?” the Grasshopper Gang suggested.

“Forget it!” cried the Flea Family, hopping high above.

“Let’s try for Buzziest Buzz,” buzzed the Bumblebee Brood, but the June Bug Jamboree had the same idea.

“Pardon us,” pleaded the Ladybug League. “We just can’t think of an event to enter. We’re not fancy fliers, but rather clumsy. We’re not long leapers-not leapers at all. We’re not big buzzers, either. Oh well,” they said, sadly shrugging. “Good luck, friends!”

“Attention all insects! We will begin our first event, Fanciest Formation. Entering in this event are the Dragonfly Dancers, the Swarming Stingers, and the Hovering Honeybees.”

Each team prepared for their fancy formation. This year’s judges were Mr. Karl the katydid, Mrs. Pamela the praying mantis, and Miss Molly the moth.

“Three, two, one—begin!” announced Annie the ant announcer.

The teams were off, buzzing, flying, swooping and swirling. Each team formed a formation in the sky. The honeybees hovered above the judges. Mr. Karl tapped the table.

“Hmm…,” he hummed. Then, the Swarming Stingers swarmed toward them. Miss Molly wrapped her wings around her head. 

“Whew,” she sighed.

“Go Swarming Stingers! You can do it!” yelled the Ladybug League. Next came the Dragonfly Dancers, delightfully dancing in duos in the sky above.

“Amazing agility!” admitted Mrs. Pamela. The judges jotted their score on a private piece of paper.

“Attention all insects! Event number two, Longest Leap is next. Competing in this event are the Grasshopper Gang, the Leaping Leafhoppers, and the Flea Family.”

Each team lengthened their legs for their long leap. This year’s judges were Miss Betty the butterfly, Mr. Anthony the aphid, and Mrs. Wanda the walking stick.

“Three, two, one—begin!” Annie announced.

The leapers lifted off, soaring side by side through the air, jumping over the judge’s table.

“Long leap, grasshoppers,” bellowed Miss Betty.

“High hop, fleas,” admitted Mr. Anthony.

“Lovely landing, leafhoppers,” whispered Mrs. Wanda.

“Go Grasshopper Gang! You can do it!” yelled the Ladybug League.

The judges jotted their score on a private piece of paper.

“Attention all insects! We will begin our third and final event, Buzziest Buzz. Entering in this event are the Bumble Bee Brood, the June Bug Jamboree, and the Hornet Hoard.” 

Each team exercised their wings for the buzziest of buzzes. This year’s judges were Miss Christy the cricket, Mr. Logan the locust, and Mrs. Nina the gnat.

“Three, two, one—begin!” Annie announced.

The teams began busily buzzing their wings, faster and faster, louder and louder.

 “Buzzy and fuzzy, Bumble Bee Brood,” Mrs. Nina noticed.

 “Bumpy and thump-y, June Bug Jamboree,” Miss Christy critiqued.

 “Loud and lingering, Hornet Hoard,” hollered Mr. Logan.

 “Go Hornet Hoard! You can do it!” yelled the Ladybug League. The judges jotted their score on a private piece of paper.

 “Oh no,” lamented the ladybugs, loudly. “That was the last event and we didn’t get to compete!” They hung their heads humdrum-ly.

  “Attention all insects! That was the final event and the winners will be announced shortly! Such endeavored efforts and marvelous marvels!” Annie announced. All the insects eagerly entered the arena, including the Ladybug League.

 “Good luck to all,” the Ladybugs yelled.

 “Ahem. Mr. Karl will be announcing this year’s Incredible Insect Competition winners for the first event. Mr. Karl hopped to the stage with his kickers, carrying his private piece of paper.

“For Third Place, the Hanging Hoverers award goes to…Hovering Honeybees! For Second Place, the Swift Swarmers award goes to…Swarming Stingers! And for First Place, the Fanciest Formation award goes to…Dancing Dragonflies!” The crowd cheered!

“Announcing for the second event is Miss Betty.” She waved her wings and whisked her way to the stage, carrying her private piece of paper.

“For Third Place, the Loveliest Landers award goes to…Leaping Leafhoppers! For Second Place, the Highest Hoppers award goes to…Flea Family! And for First Place, the Longest Leapers award goes to…Grasshopper Gang!”

“Our final announcer for the final event is Mrs. Nina.” Mrs. Nina unnoticeably neared the stage. Annie the ant lifted a large lens.

“Ah, there’s she is,” the insects indicated.

“For Third Place, the Loudest Lingerers award goes to…Hornet Hoard! For Second Place, the Bumpiest and Thump-iest award goes to…June Bug Jamboree! And for First Place, the Buzziest Buzz award goes to…Bumble Bee Brood!

“Fantastic our six-legged friends!” the Ladybugs applauded.

Then the proud pals of the ladybugs faced the league-the flyers, the leapers, and the buzzers announced loudly in unison, “And the Best Buds award goes to, the Ladybug League!”

The no longer regretful ladybugs, cheered loudly for being the cheeriest cheerers and the proudest participants at the most impressive Incredible Insect Competition ever!

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