About Aimee

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Meet Aim’ee. She tries not to take life too seriously. Unless, that is, she’s being adamant that you delight in being yourself and finding your own silliness… for silliness = happiness = finding dreams and following them!


Family Life

Aim’ee delights in her silly time with family.

Husband Travis, and daughters Avery and Taylor



She writes for fun, for herself, and mostly for children. In 2011, she won the Book Doctors’ Pitchapalooza at the Texas Book Festival for her pitch for a middle grade story.


Aim’ee has worked with students with reading difficulties for 7 years. Prior to that, she was a classroom teacher for 4 years (2nd and 3rd grade), as well as a Science and Math Enrichment teacher for 2. Through her experience working with young readers, she developed a love of writing books that inspire and promote a sense of self, even if that self is a little silly.