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Freebie! Short Vowel Scavenger Hunt

Build those phonemic awareness skills with a simple activity using drawing, writing, or just as an oral activity. Knowing the short vowel sounds is an important first step in reading and needed for one of the first syllables types learned-closed syllables (vc, vcc, cvc, cvcc words).

The PA Toolbox

What is Phonological Awareness? What are the PA skills? Learn more and ways to exercise the part of the brain responsible for interpreting sounds with quick and easy 1-minute PA activities.

Watch the video, Phonological Awareness, here!

Fun with the Short Vowel Pals on the Farm

Come along with the Short Vowel Pals to the farm to practice your short vowel phonics skills. Flashcards, animal cutouts, and fun & engaging activities await that you can do with your farm family, like line the animals up in abc order, put the ones to bed that have a short vowel sound, to filling in missing letters. Great for children Pre-K through early 2nd, or children learning vc, vcc, cvc, or cvcc (closed syllables) that need practice with those important short vowel sounds. Let’s have some fun on the farm with the Short Vowel Pals!

7 Steps to Handwriting: Lowercase Print

Introducing…7 Steps to Handwriting, a new handwriting program created by an Academic Language Therapist with a multi-sensory approach using my Multi-Sensory Manuscript Manual for lowercase print letter formation. Includes a Teacher Guide and Student Page for each letter, as well as warm ups for each print family grouped by starting approach. Included for each letter are 7 simple steps, as student and teacher friendly as I could create without sacrificing the integrity of the program. Teachers can pull, read, and teach on the fly. Students get a multi-sensory, multi-modal (and consistent) approach to proper letter formation, with tips to help with those commonly flipped mirror image letters like b and d, p and q.

As a teacher for many years, I watched students struggle with writing physically and emotionally. I made it my goal to create something to help both students and teachers with print formation.