Reading Services/Academic Language Therapy

About Services

Customizable: 1-4 Hours Per Week

(*1 Hour Minimum)

Elementary Through 6th Grade

Resources for Older Students and Adults with Dyslexia or other Reading Deficits


(In Person, Per Availability-Local Library Meeting Spot)

Multi-sensory Structured Literacy Instruction

Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic/Tactile

(Orton-Gillingham based approach)

Research-driven According to the Science of Reading

Direct, Explicit, Cumulative, but also Individualized Per Student Need

What does Literacy Instruction Include?

Phonology Practice (Study of Sounds, Rhyming, Counting Syllables)

Phonemic Awareness (Hearing, Isolating, & Manipulating Individual Sounds in Words)

Fluency (Rate of Reading, Prosody, “Smoother Decoding”)

Accuracy (Ability to Read Without Errors Inhibiting)

Decoding Strategies (Reading)

Encoding Strategies (Spelling)

Six Syllable Types

Reading and Spelling Concepts (Regular and Irregular Patterns)

Spelling Rules

Morphology (Study of Word Parts & Meaning)

Sight Word Building

Syllable Division

Vocabulary Building

History of English (Why are Some Letters Silent?)

Handwriting (Print/Cursive)

Reading Comprehension (Understanding Text Read)

Visualizing Strategies (Comprehension Building)

Multi-sensory Grammar

Writing (Formal and Informal)

Metacognition (Thinking about Thinking)

Progress Monitoring

Building Confidence & Enjoyment in Reading & Writing


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